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Enhance weakness of sexual organ, treat erectile dysfunction and poor libido with Spamadox



Spice up things with your partner with our sperm, erectile dysfunction and poor libido enhancer.

Improve your stamina, intensify your sex drive and improve your sex performance. Regular intake of those medicine will help you build confidence and recover the lost passion in your relationship.Spamadox is the proprietary blend of energizing ingredients such as horny goats weed, maca root and tribulus combine to make your libido and semen stronger and boost the energy levels. This wonderful formula is a gift from God. Not only dose it act as a sex drive enhancer but also improves various metabolic functions. Powerful horny goat weed aids in healing the root course of erectil dysfunction & poor libido and low sperm count.


Take 2 capsules daily. Preferably with meals or as directed by a health professional.


Horny Goat 75mg
Maca root 75mg
Tribulus 75mg
Cissus longifolia 65mg

You will need to buy 5 bottles of SPAMADOX for a complete cure of erectile dysfunction, poor libido, low sperm count etc. N22,500 is the total amount for complete dosage.


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