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Permanently eracdicate arthritis with Ponagon



Ponagon is a herbal non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent analgestic properties, and a demonstrable antipretic effect. It has shown to inhibit prostaglandin activity to permanently cure rheumatoid arthritis.

Ponagon is a herbal anti-inflammatory medicine. It works by blocking the action of a substance in the body called cyclo-oxygenase. Cyclo-oxygenase is involved in the production of various chemicals in the body, some of which are knownas prostglandins. Prostagladins are produced by the body in response to injury and certain diseases and conditions, and cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Ponagon blocks the production of these protaglandins and is therefore effective at reducing inflammation and pain. Ponagon is a permanent cure for Arthritis. Dont drink alcohol while taking ponagon

Dosage :
Adult and the Elderly: the usual dose is 2 capsules 3 times a day

Elderly patients are at a higher risk of side effects and should take the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible with additional monitoring carried out by their doctor.

Not suitable for children under 10years.

Bosewellin 65mg
Cats claw 70mg
Eucalyptus 45mg
Ginger 40mg
Thunder god vine 65mg
Turmeric 40mg
Willow bark 70mg.

You will need 6 bottles to permanently eracdicate rheumatoid arthritis. The 6 bottles is N27,000.


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