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Treat malaria parasite with life-A herbal tea



Life-A herbal Tea is recommended for Malaria parasite, fever and liver inflammation. The medicinal herb banlangen is used for cold, flu, intestinal worm and encephalitis. The instant beverage feel, cooling and relaxing as it reduces swollen glands and sore throat and clears complexion blemishes.

LIFE-A Herbs Tea promote healing by harmonizing all aspects of our being, physical, emotional and spiritual. When any aspect of our being is out of balance, this will bring illness. LIFE-A herbal tea dissolves in hot water, it permanently treat malaria, fever cold/flu and intestinal worm.

ADULT: Put 2 tea bags in a tea cup 200ml of hot water and allow to infuse properly. Take 2 times daily.

From 8 years and above put 1 tea bag in a tea cup; take 2 times daily.


India kino tree 50 mg
Casearia esculenta 75 mg
Holy basil 62 mg
Neem 75 mg

You will need to buy 3 packs of LIFE – A HERBAL TEA for a complete ERADICATION OF MALARIA, COLD/FLU AND INTESTINAL WORM. N10,500 is the total amount for a complete dosage.

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