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Immune Power: is a supreme immune booster and a curious versicolor herbal extract clinically shown to boost and fortify the bodys natural immune system, protecting and strengthening the body from viral, bacterial and foreign invaders that are common in our everyday lives.

Immune power is a break through fast-acting immune system support formula, ideal to fortify the body from various infections. Immune power is a combination of herbal extracts to help you feel better between hours of intake and with continued use, get healthy and stay healthy.

Immune power effect can be seen same day of use, is safe for long-term use as a preventative measure to kick out recurring infections. Created by a team of medical professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, naturopathic physicians and herbalists to provide natures answer to common health problems.

ADULT: ingest with water, 2 capsules as single dose 2 times daily.

CHILDREN FROM 10YRS: Ingest with water 1 capsule as a single dose daily.


Oregano 70mg
Astragalus 70mg
Turmeric 50mg
Black elderberry 70mg

You will need to buy 3 bottles of IMMUNE POWER to completely boost your IMMUNITY. N10,500 is the total amount for a complete dosage. TO ORDER CLICK 3 TIMES TO PLACE ORDER.



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