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Herncin is a natural remedy to relieve abdominal, pelvic pain. Can treat discomfort during bowel movements and urination. HERNCIN CAPSULE strengthens intestinal wall and helps to treat hernia as a whole instead of as a mechanic parts.

When pain or cramps occur in the lower abdominal area, it may be due to a hernia or muscle weakness. There are many people suffering from hernia. HERNCIN CAPSULE is a recognized herbal medications for hernias with the complete cure of hiatal hernia (a stomach problem), HERNCIN CAPSULE is part of the standard treatment for hernia.


Cassia Alata – 100mg
Matricaria – 50mg


ADULT: 1 capsule 3 times daily after meal.

CHILDREN: from 12yrs take 1 capsule daily after meal.

You will need 3 bottles of Herncin with the combination of Green Care Herbal Tea for you to completely eradicate every inflammation associated with hernia. the 3 bottles is N10,500


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