Somtisil is an advanced prostate support supplement to shrink prostate enlargement naturally and help the blood do what is does best. Some of the most frustrating signs of poor prostate health are frequent bathroom use, walking up in the middle of the night and bathroom trips that take longer than normal.

Somtisil is an advanced prostrate support supplement designed to combat prostate enlargement. As men get older, the prostate cells have a tendency to proliferate, which causes the gland to gradually increase in size and press on the urethra and bladder. The result can be problems with urination, to varying degrees, among about half of men by age 60, rising up to about 90 percent of men by age 70. the urination problems can include urinary frequency, urinary urgency, dribbling, pain when urinating, urinating many times during the night, and difficulty getting urinary flow to begin and stop our supplement has beta-sitosterol help too shrink and relieve symptoms.

2 capsules every 12 hours or as directed by health professional.

Apricots 75mg
Cucurbito pepo 75mg
Stinging nettle 65mg
Pygeum 80mg
Saw palmetto 80mg
Chinese Cinnamon 65mg

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